kennametal-logoKennametal turning innovations are specifically engineered for optimum output in all turning, grooving, threading, boring, and cut-off applications.
With PVD coating technology, Beyond(TM) Grades optimize machining in high-temperature materials. Model KCU10(TM) is specifically engineered for OD and ID turning, grooving, plunging, undercutting, and threading, while Model KCU25(TM) covers threading, grooving, and cutoff. Model KCU10 additionally features dual-layer coating application: top layer of AlSiTiN atop second layer of AlTiN. Boundary between layers helps deflect micro-cracks.

Kennametal milling tools are unsurpassed in quality, value, and performance! No other single resource delivers such a comprehensive combination of indexable and solid milling products. Widia offers a wide array of high-performance face mills and Mill 1-10(TM) performs all common machining applications, such as face milling, shoulder milling, pocketing, slotting, interpolating, and ramping for steels, aluminum, or exotics, all with one common insert style. Multifunctional cutter bodies come in straight flute and helical flute styles; end mills are offered with cylindrical shanks in 3 lengths, Weldon shanks, or as a screw-on style head. Inserts, offered with 6 geometries, feature super positive cutting rake and integrated wiper facet.

LATROBE, Pa. — The simple but effective KSEM PLUS™ modular system combines benefits of Kennametal’s KSEM™ modular drill (for high feeds and length-to-diameter [L/D] ratios) with those of an indexable drill (for high speeds and low consumable costs). Kennametal now is extending its industry-leading KSEM PLUS line for large-diameter drilling. The new KSEM PLUS B1 Heads with DFC-series guiding pads reduce the cost per hole for operators drilling in difficult conditions.

With these enhanced features, the B1 Heads provide greater capabilities for complex drilling, whether through stacked materials or inclined exits, as well as drilling through cross holes and interrupted cut conditions. The added guiding pads provide greater control when drilling through cross holes at widths up to 50% of the drill’s diameter. They also eliminate spiral marks and grooves and enable high-quality hole exits for reliable drilling from two sides when indexing drilling directions.

KSEM PLUS B1 Heads offer two effective cutting edges engineered to perform at high feed rates while reducing the load per edge, compensating for radial forces, and preventing disk build up because there are only two chips per edge. They are available in standard size ranges, from 28–70mm as well as customized sizes between 28–127mm.

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